High Tech Jobs Suit People with Autism

For many parents of children with autism, what they will do when they finish their education is a big worry.  Thankfully some companies are realizing the value people with autism can bring to the workplace. One Fortune 500 company has hired people with intellectual disabilities and found them to be assets to their organization.  Jim Pierce of Alliance Data noted that one individual with a disability is significantly more productive and accurate than workers without disabilities.

A neurologist at a major US children's hospital, Dr. Patricia Evans, noted that people on the high end of the autistic spectrum are well suited to high tech jobs.  Dr Evans noted that some people with autism have a "an amazing ability to hyper focus on a task. They may really flourish at engineering type task or computer design, where their interaction with people is somewhat limited."

Hopefully more companies will realize the benefits that people with autism can offer their businesses and recruit more people on the spectrum.

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