Play Therapy May Help ADHD

The Ultimate Guide to Making Friends is a program that is being testing on children with ADHD. The program aims to help children who have ADHD with social and communication
skills and is being developed by two pediatric occupational therapists from the University of Sydney. The study to date has found the program to be effective at teaching sharing and caring and at improving social and communication skills.

Supervising Professor Anita Bundy, says: "What we know is that many children with ADHD can have problems understanding social cues. They dominate play time. They are not necessarily empathetic and find it difficult to learn the social skills that other children learn. This may mean they have problems making and keeping friends."

The program includes a video, parent handbook and sessions with a therapist. Parents have found the handbook helpful as it gives them "tools and strategies" to use at home.  

The research is now going into its third stage.  The findings to date will be presented at the Occupational Therapy Australia Conference in July.

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