Drug Trial for Autism and Fragile X Stopped

A clinical trial with a drug designed to treat some of the symptoms of autism and fragile X has been halted by the drug manufacturer. As previously reported in this blog, http://tinyurl.com/arbaclofen, the drug arbaclofen did improve some symptoms of autism according to study participants. Parents of children taking arbaclofen had reported reduced anxiety and other symptoms in their children.  

The drug company, Seaside Therapeutics, stopped the trial citing 2 reasons: (1) the drug did not show enough improvement in social withdrawal which was the main symptom it was targeted for and (2) limited resources.  According to the Boston Globe, a large pharmaceutical company, Roche withdrew from its collaboration with Seaside on the development of this drug.

Seaside has one other ongoing trial involving arbaclofen which finishes this summer. Depending on the outcome of this trial, the company may discuss further options with the US FDA.

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