A new study has revealed that nearly one third of children with autism also have ADHD. Significantly, children with both ADHD and ASD had greater impairments in several areas in comparison to children with ASD only. Children with both of these disorders performed worse at school and had  more severe impairments in "cognitive, social and adaptive functioning when compared to children with ASD only."

This research is considered more significant than past studies on the relationship between ADHD and autism, as most of the study participants entered this study as toddlers, before they were diagnosed with ADHD.  

"We are increasingly seeing that these two disorders co-occur and a greater understanding of how they relate to each other could ultimately improve outcomes and quality of life for this subset of children," says Dr. Rebecca Landa, senior study author and director of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders at Kennedy Krieger.

This study is published in Autism: The International Journal and Practices.

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