Painting - a great way for children with autism to express themselves

Most children with autism struggle with communication and social skills.  Finding a way to get your child to express his or her emotions is a struggle for many parents. Children with autism can become extremely frustrated if they cannot express their emotions. Giving children with autism the chance to paint or draw can ease this frustration.

Painting and other art forms allow kids with autism to express their emotions in a fun and creative way.  They can also use art to express what they want and need. Even children who are verbal may feel safer expressing their feelings through artwork.

Art or art therapy is used to teach children with autism social and communication skills. There is a formalized field of art therapy and therapists who work with children who have autism and other learning difficulties but there is a lack of formal studies on its effectiveness.

When you have a rainy day this summer, consider giving your child some paints or crayons and see how she responds to art.  Some schools have found art very beneficial when working with children who have autism.

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