Diagnosing Autism - Now there's an app for that

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Nowadays it seems there is an app for everything so we shouldn't be surprised that experts have come up with an app to help diagnose autism. The app, Autism N Developmental Disorder Screening or ANDDS, poses a series of questions about a child's development at various stages from 8 to 36 months old. Parents or doctors provide yes or no answers to the questions.  Here are examples of some questions:

Does the child turn around to look at you when his or her name is called?

Does your child imitate you when you clap hands or wave bye-bye?

Does your child point at things?

Does your child smile back at you when you smile at them?

After the answers to these questions are input, the app produces feedback on the child's development. "The final result is shown as one of the three different bands – Green, Yellow and Red. Green band signals the child is on target with the development. Yellow band tells parents to be more watchful whereas Red band recommends consulting the child’s doctor,” said Jalpa Parekh, chief developer of ANDDS.

The app was produced by WebTeam Corporation in cooperation with Dr Michael Lewis. "Dr Lewis is a University Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, and Director of the Institute for the Study of Child Development at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School – University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He also is the Professor of Psychology, Education, Cognitive Science, and Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers University."

The app is available for free on the iTunes store but there is also an option for in app purchases.

If you've tried this app tell us what you think.

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